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Renting Office Space in London: 4 Tips to Consider


Behind every successful business is a reliable, comfortable and highly functional office space. So, no matter the size of your business, no matter its nature, finding and designing your ideal work space should be your number one priority.


However, with the business environment rapidly changing in London, finding efficient and affordable Canary Wharf serviced offices to rent is not as easy as it may seem. The following tips can help you make the process easy.


Determine your needs


Every office space provides something a bit different, and you'll want a space that will perfectly suit your business. Consider these features.




Renting an office that's hard to find, in the wrong side of town or too far from your home can be disastrous for your business. Thus, before you sign any document, ensure that you've thoroughly researched your new office's location.


Square footage


The exact amount of space you need will depend on various factors like budgetary restrictions, number of your employees and any plans for growth in the future. It's important to figure out these details before you conduct office search in Marylebone.


Hours of operation


If it's not realistic to close your business at 5 pm every day, then you should consider renting a virtual work space as most locations provide their members with round-the-clock access all year.


Take some time


Perhaps you're rushing to find a space to rent for your business. However, take your time and make sure to consider every possibility prior to making your decision.


If you're in a hurry when deciding, you'll more than likely end up in a mess down the road. For example, you might realize that the space doesn't provide the right amenities or isn't the appropriate size.


Doing your own homework and assessing your options might take some time, but your effort will certainly pay off ultimately.


Consider sharing space


Co-working spaces are very popular in London nowadays due to the beneficial and unique arrangements they provide to all kinds of businesses.


A shared office allows you to get a fully-furnished space in which you can work and collaborate with other like-minded professionals. Better still, shared spaces are much easier to design and more affordable than a conventional office space.


Don't settle


Of course, it can be a daunting task to find the right work space in London. You may be tempted to take any option just to get the job done. But never, ever compromise on your office space. Be patient until you get one that suits all your present and future needs.


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